Born 1985 in the Blackforest in Germany, Adrian Langenbach collected his first experiences in films in wildlife documentaries. He worked as a cameraman in projects in Germany as well as Egypt, Namibia, Norway, Denmark and Czech Republic.
Since 2010 he studies Cinematography at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and has worked as a Director of Photography on numerous projects, in different formats like short fiction, commercials, documentary and animation films.
Finished filmschool 2018, he is already represented by Esther Kurle with BITE-Management, working on professional coproductions with ARTE and SWR and shooting for brands like Porsche. Creating pictures to support the dramaturgy of a film, his tools are over all the control and capture of light and movement.

email: sukipictures@googlemail.com
phone: +49 179 322 02 82

Based in Berlin, 2018


represented by

Esther Kurle
+49 30 555 28 714

Tieckstraße 37
10115 Berlin


2018 Porsche - Cayenne E-Hybrid. Regie: Andreas Burz (commercial)
2018 Mutprobe. Regie: Philipp Klinger (short fiction, 18')
2017 Porsche - 911 GT3 RS. Regie: Andreas Burz (commercial)
2017 IHK - Jubiläumsfilm. Regie: Jutta Schön (commercial)
2017 BMW E-Future-Scooter (commercial)
2017 Freier Fall 2. Regie: Luzie Loose (sequel/teaser)
2017 Porsche - 911 GT3. Regie: Andreas Burz (commercial)
2017 Die Dunkelheit ist eine Farbe. Regie: Mujtaba Saeed (short fiction, 23')
2016 Dalens Olie. Regie: Andreas Burz (commercial)
2016 Al-Hilal App. Regie: Mujtaba Saeed (commercial)
2016 Baka. Regie: Arvid Klapper (short fiction, 8')
2016 Nike - Flyknit. Regie: Matthias Bäuerle (commercial)
2016 Child. Regie: Viktor Stickel & Iring Freytag (animation short, 9')
2015 Uptravi. Regie: Andreas Burz (commercial)
2015 Saang-Yong. Regie: Dennis Scherr (commercial)
2015 Manfred Groove - Das Glück und die Liebe (music video, 3')
2015 Die Blaue Sophia. Regie: Philipp Klinger (short fiction, 8')
2015 Omas Beste. Regie: Katja Ginnow (short fiction, 18')
2015 Cro - Hey Girl. Regie: Lars Timmermann (stop-motion music video, 3')
2014 KFZ-Innung Azubi-Girl. Regie: Hendryk Witscherkowsky (commercial)
2014 Strive. Regie: Jutta Schön (documentary, 26')
2013 Land Rover - Yeti. Regie: Stephan Strube (commercial)
2013 PIPO. Regie: Eliott Deshusses (stop-motion short, 9')
2013 Am Ende Licht. Regie: Philipp Klinger (short fiction, 42')
2013 Alaska. Regie: Christopher Stöckle (documentary, 58')
2013 Erato.  (experimental, 2,5')
2012 Ritter Sport - Formsache. Regie: Gabriel Borgetto (commercial)
2012 Überall Gespenster. Regie: Jan Galli (short fiction, 8')
2012 Was es bedeutet tot zu sein. Regie: Philipp Klinger (short fiction, 23')
2012 Kreidlinger und Bäuerle - Mönchstod. Regie: Tatjana Steinbichl (short fiction, 31')
2011 Phase Zwei. Regie: Christopher Stöckle (documentary, 30')
2011 Nägel mit Köpfen. Regie: John H. Karsten (short fiction, 24')
2011 Höhle des Löwen. Regie: Oliver Kracht (short fiction, 10')
2011 Saat. Regie: Philipp Klinger (short fiction, 17')
2010 Sieben Türen (short fiction, 13')
2009 Lower Hell - The Requiem (music video, 3')
2009 Lysis - Illusion of Sunset (music video, 4')
2009 Sabine Fischmarkt - Komm an den Strand (music video, 3')


2018 Die Dunkelheit ist eine Farbe. Festival De Cannes Short Corner
2018 Die Dunkelheit ist eine Farbe. 15th Dubai International Film Festival
2017 Baka. European Cinematography Award. Best Cinematography
2017 Baka. Shanghai International Film Festival. Golden Goblet
2017 Child. Student Oscar Nomination Category Animation
2017 Child. 5th Cartoons Underground Film Festival
2017 Child. 16th Int'l Student Film & Video Festival Bejing
2016 Strive. American Documentary Film Festival
2016 Strive. Rincon International Film Festival Puerto Rico
2015 Alaska. FICMUS - Festival Internacional de Cine de Montana Ushuaia Shh
2015 Alaska. Tartu World Film Festival
2015 Strive. LA International Student Film Festival